It’s not magic, it’s talent and sweat.
         – Bertram Gilfoyle (Silicon Valley)

By way of introduction, I am Shivansh Rai. I’m currently a software developer working on the SAP Cloud Platform. In a previous life, I was an undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where I majored in Mathematics and Scientific Computing and did a minor in Computer Systems.

I love pretty much anything related to a computer! Well, specifically I am a systems and networks enthusiast. Till now I have had my interests in operating systems, compiler design(current favorite), networks and security, algorithms, formal verification techniques, web development technologies and most of all - exploring Linux Linux and Unix. I am yet to complete my 10,000 hours to perfection, in the hope that I don’t get distracted in between (has been working out fine until now!). I started working on a Linux based OS on my machine when mistakenly I had my Windows partition corrupted while playing around. I was initially skeptical about making this transition as I had this thought that it wasn’t possible to do as much stuff with a shell as compared to a GUI (hah!). Eventually, after working for some time (more than four years now), I realized that I am happier than ever and exploring my system was never this much fun. One of my favorite pass time since then has been discovering new stuff related to Linux/Unix (mostly the underlying lower layers), and open source of course which exposed me to a lot of new fields (and still exploring…).

When I’m not staring at my laptop screen, I usually read (mostly fiction lately). As for my work and open source contributions, it’s all in Github.

I made this blog in a hope to share some of the interesting stuff which I come across, and also for some happy memories. 😁

Enjoy my posts and I hope to read your comments and feedback!