Hello World

Well, maintaining the customary practice - greetings to all the programmers (everyone else as well) out there.

                     o o o
               _____      o       _______
      ____====  ]OO|_n_n__][.     |Hello|
     [________]_|__|________)<    |World|
      oo    oo  'oo OOOO-| oo\_   ~~~|~~~

Coming to think about it, why is it that usually all beginners start off with their first program which prints out Hello world? Interestingly, even Brian Kernighan, who first used the term in his book Tutorial Introduction to the Language B himself is not so sure. When asked in an interview why he chose those words, this was his reply -

Memory is dim now. What I do remember is that I had seen a cartoon that showed an egg and a chick and the chick was saying, “Hello, world”.

Head up here for the interesting interview from October ‘11.


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